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Gun room clean out! Bring a truck!

For Sale Or Trade
Gun room clean out!  Bring a truck!
Price: 500.00 USD 500 USD
Price is negotiable
Contact Information Text or call my cell at 850-797-7478. Yes it's an out of state number, but I assure you I'm in Jacksonville. Im a few miles behind the air base.
Added 05-12-2024 13:09:04
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My father was a collector and amateur gunsmith for any gun made from the 1800's to the late 1900s.  He unfortunately passed away a few months ago, but I'm left with his "gun room" to clean out.  

There's all kinds of stuff in there.  Impossible to photograph everything.  There's about 20 stocks in varying condition, 10 barrels in varying condition, two big boxes full of loose ammo of varying calibers, and two large tubs full of just parts. 

This would be ideal for someone with a table at a gunshow, flea market, or just a tinkerer in general.  

These parts are entirely random, not usually labelled, and in varying condition. 

Please come to my house and buy this so my Fiance will be happier lol.



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